A crucial accomplishment of each project’s development is their obtaining bank production funding with collateral and completion guarantee. Each project’s financing is accepted early in its development, the bank kept updated until each loan is locked.

No-Risk Loan

Bank’s don’t take risks. In order to obtain the loan, we have to present the bank with proof that every penny will come back after the movie is completed. We will have done this by signing pre-sale contracts, selling product placement rights, global sales, merchandising rights, etc. All of this will be secured during the development stage.


Investors are repaid at the end of the development stage as soon as the bank-loan is obtained. Since each project will reach this stage at different points over our 5-year plan, investors will be paid proportionally for each project as each one reaches this stage until they have received 110% of their investment. All six productions are targeted to reach this stage by the end of our 5 year period, the earliest one will reach this stage in 2 years.