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A young girl with a beautiful voice finds herself caught in a dilemma between honoring her parents and trying to be the individual she feels called to be. Her father is trying to live out his unfulfilled dream of becoming a famous musician through her and wants her to be just like him. When she can’t take the pressure anymore, she runs away and finds herself in the middle of an artistic, bohemian travel community in Guilin, China. There she finally has the space and freedom to figure out who she really is and is surprised to find that she is still drawn to music. For the first time in her life, she begins to write her own songs, find her own style, and discovers a love for music that is her own and not forced upon her by her Father. Meanwhile, her Father sets out on a road trip to find her- will they ever be able to reconcile?

This will be an international music film with top talent. It will be filmed in Chinese, but we believe that it will resonate with global audiences because of the music, the theme of relationships, and the growing global desire for more Asian content. It is based in a true story. Li Wen Qi will play the lead character, and will write her own music for the film. This movie will captivate global audiences due to the themes of relationships, specifically those between a father and his daughter. ..在路上







….ABOUT LI WEN QI..关于李文琦….

….Li Wen Qi launched her career on the Voice of China in 2014. Her most popular video on YouKu has more than 34 million views. She is currently in process of recording her second album. .. ….

…. ..在2014年,李文琦在《中国好声音》上开启了她的职业生涯。她最受欢迎的视频在优酷上有三千四百万次观看。目前她正在录制他的第二张专辑。….

….Click on the video to the right to hear her beautiful music! ..点击右侧视频来听她美妙的音乐! ….