John J. Lee, Jr.

John has successfully led the vision, launch and/or expansion of five entertainment and media entities; and provided business, funding and distribution services for twenty-three studio released motion pictures, television network series and specials, with combined production costs of over $470 million and global rights earnings exceeding $4 billion.

John Executive-Produced his first motion picture in 1976 and spent his early media career as Business Affairs VP for two successive seasons at LA-based international sales entities. Actively participating in the creative and business aspects of motion picture and television productions, John led four new-media companies, including direct broadcast satellite Impression Delivery Corporation (acquired by CapCities) and i.TV, a top 100 iPhone application entity.

John was a faculty member of BYU’s Film School, establishing their Business of Film curricula and authoring "The Producer's Business Handbook," subsequently in it’s fourth edition and translated into multiple languages. After serving as Dean of Asia’s largest entertainment and media college, Whistling Woods International in Mumbai, in 2011 John launched SLS with initial project development and global distribution preparation. Soon thereafter, extending their almost 40 year acquaintance, John and Alan joined together in Simple Little Stories LLC.


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Alan Cassidy

Alan is an award-winning producer* and writer of more than two hundred television series episodes and motion pictures, with combined production costs of over $2 billion and global earnings exceeding $4 billion.

Alan has worked for major studios and broadcast/cable television networks and on numerous independent features. Some of his television producer and writer series include "The Incredible Hulk," "The A-Team," "Hunter," "Wiseguy," "The Commish," "Magnum, P.I.," "Riptide," "Hardcastle & McCormick," and for USA Cable, he directed "Silk Stalkings." He was a co-producer of the Oscar-winning documentary, "The Great American Cowboy."

Alan has been a long-standing member of the Writers Guild of America (West) and the Producers Guild of America, graduated from BYU and is a four-year veteran of the U.S. Navy.

* “Wiseguy” – Primetime Emmy, Outstanding Drama
“The Great American Cowboy” – Academy Award, Best Feature-length documentary



Growing up with a producer-father (Mark Rodgers, founder of Wedgewood Circle, the Clapham Group, Cave Pictures and Cave Publishing) who founded and ran entertainment companies, Kirsten was immersed in the creative process, experiencing the challenges and thrills of taking creatives and their ideas, drawing in and directing talent to create content that captivates their target audiences. Drawn to all of it, Kirsten filled her life with entertainment, especially writing – as well as her passion for finding and enabling young talent.

Pulled especially by China’s global entertainment emergence, in 2010 Kirsten moved to Chengdu, China, where she quickly fell in love with the Chinese people and culture. Experienced in finding and empowering talent, Kirsten soon found artists in China that she helped mentor and succeed in realizing their dreams. Kirsten helped teach at art schools, brought students to studios and enabled them to prove their abilities, perform and create entertainment. In 2015, Kirsten launched Cong (pronounced ‘Song’) Circle to more formally and broadly fulfill her vision to help enrich China’s arts.

She has witnessed among so many of China’s people the amazing combination of natural talent, coupled with extraordinary will and sacrifice to achieve artistic excellence. It is this combination that can and is quickly leading some of them to rise among the world’s leading creatives. Kirsten’s prime objective is to assist China in producing some of the world’s most powerfully transformative media. Media that inspires and empowers audiences to be and live their best.



Jason’s awareness of the power of great stories to inspire and even enable their viewers and readers drove him to study epic stories from as early as he could watch and read them. He devoured all within his reach, began writing his own award-winning missives and considering the most dynamic telling of the greatest literature into audience-overwhelming motion pictures and series.

The more he read and pondered the answers to life's most important questions (who are we? where did we come from? why are we here? and where are we going after we leave this life?), the clearer it became that these questions and answers were the core themes of the most powerfully audience-engaging stories. During his almost twenty years academically teaching philosophy and history on multiple continents, Jason’s story abilities became finely honed and list of classic and contemporary literature he longed to produce grew into an impressive library.

Jason established Cong Studios (pronounced “Song” in Chinese) to produce masterpiece entertainment. Jason and this studio are now producing motion pictures that will sweep viewers worldwide into an intoxicating emotional elixir of the most important matters of heart, mind, and soul that can be considered. These stories will fill audiences with hope and longing for all that is good, beautiful, noble and true; entertainment destined to become some of the most audience beloved and successful motion pictures ever made.


Josh Boyer

Josh has held lead roles in more than a dozen stage productions and learned early on that a compelling story performed well brings people together, ignites their conversations, and transforms communities and cultures. He is passionate about bringing powerful stories to the screen that inspire audiences on toward love and noble action.

Focused on cross-cultural community development, Josh and his family moved to China in 2009 soaking up the language and culture for seven years. These years provided vast experiences ranging from executive leadership of a non-profit team to project management, training, and consulting. While traveling around the country, Josh found himself inspired by the mystical landscapes and the beauty of ancient people groups and was reminded of his first passion—story telling. He began filtering every major career decision through that passion, following a path that eventually led toward launching Cóng Studios.


Dave Brents

Dave’s love of great literature, audience-astonishing stories and motion pictures began about the time...he began. These naturally blended and together fueled his writing, stage design, acting and producing disciplines throughout his youth. These continued into his successful career that wove together production, planning, scheduling and budgeting.

Learning by achieving, Dave found that the success and satisfaction of delivering on-time and on-budget were only wins if what was produced was as good or better than what was envisioned. Even then, what is produced is only as successful as is its branding campaign’s brilliance. This led him to a successful decade working in branding over one hundred campaigns.

Successfully conquering these unique disciplines of project development, physical production and branding, prepared Dave to become one of Cóng Story Development’s Directors, participating in all aspects of every motion picture project’s selection, development, production and global distribution.