When you’re kidnapped, it no longer matters that you’re the youngest Harvard graduate with a PhD, a math genius, incredibly attractive or from a respectable family in Seattle. It’s all about survival and escape with the least damage. After months forced to analyze and direct the finances for an underground crime boss in another country, Eighty-Eight (her new name and cell number) escapes with help from a wealthy Chinese businessman in return for saving his company in Shanghai and a promise to free her when she succeeds. Why is it that sometimes nothing in life is what it seems?

This twist and turn, action-adventure movie submerges audiences into the depths of discovering who we really are. It focuses uniquely on the topics of freedom, forgiveness, romance and fighting prostitution- perfectly playing to global audiences, especially those of America and China.

A theatrically-premiered contemporary action/adventure, U.S./China, young adult motion picture. Slated for release September 1, 2021 (U.S. Labor Day)

Earnings to cost ratio: 4.8:1


The Adventures of Curdie


A young princess finds herself on a quest that threatens her life at every turn. With all her noble soldiers out of reach, how can she succeed in her impossible quest with only a young miner boy to help her? A story full of magic, goblins, and fantastic creatures--this heart-pounding adventure will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, bring them to tears, and inspire them to feats of courage.

For the first time as major production, comes George McDonald’s action-packed and entertaining fantasy, The Adventures of Curdie. Often credited as the Father of all fantasy, and referred to by both J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as the inspiration for their stories, McDonald’s story will once again inspire fantasy lovers around the world with the ageless power of believing in something even when everything appears against them.

Film 1: Slated for release November 23, 2022 (Thanksgiving)

Film 2: slated for release June 7, 2023 (Summer)

Earnings to cost ratio: 4:1




For the first time, audiences are brought the thrilling, true story of perhaps the greatest leader of all time: Cyrus. This motion picture reveals the increasingly fiery demands in Cyrus’ life, his dauntless courage and how these two forces opened his compassion for and respect of each person’s worth. Finally, it leads up to one of the most epic battles of all time: Cyrus’ siege of the unconquerable Babylon.

The ancient Persians called him, “Father”, the Babylonians, “Liberator,” the Greeks, “Law-Giver,” and the Jews, “The Anointed King.” This movie will resonate around the world due to Cyrus' global influence. Additionally, it will resonate with historians, leaders and those eager for a good, action packed adventure. The warrior poet Xenophon recorded Cyrus’ history which is full of incredible leadership principles. Just as inspirational leaders including Plato, Alexander the Great, Benjamin Franklin and Peter Drucker all chronicle Cyrus as the paragon of leadership, so, now, will every individual who sees this epic production.

A 2-hour theatrical release motion picture and an eighteen 1-hour/episode streaming series slated for release February 15, 2023.

Earnings to cost ratio: 1.5:1




From Heaven came the notes- from within Handel came the courage to battle King, country, and Church for what became the most beloved and most performed oratorio in history.

Handle’s Messiah is performed thousands of times around the world every Christmas, and has millions of fans. We will begin marketing the project a year in advance, and invite these performers and fans to participate in their area to promote one of the greatest stories ever told. The picture’s originally composed score will be rich with Handle’s compositions, some performed and even arranged by fresh, genius artists (along the lines of The Piano Guys and Pentatonix) from Europe, Asia and around the world. This picture will inspire audiences to press on, especially in the face of insurmountable odds, hold fast to their dreams and look for inspiration beyond themselves.

This true, untold, harrowing drama of some of the world’s most beloved music is scheduled for global theatrical release Christmas holidays 2020– an evergreen movie audiences will rediscover year after year.

Earnings to cost ratio: 2.7:1



An ancient red ribbon with Chinese writing is found tied around a letter written by Thomas Jefferson. This discovery sends a man halfway across the world on a quest to find out more about the man who wrote the words and the true meaning behind them.

The story will give the audience a perspective into ancient China that most people have never considered. It is full of historical mystery and intrigue, and will ease relational divisions and tensions between China and America by showing the positive influence China has had on the west. It targets key issues of morality and what it looks like to stand up for what is right.

A theatrically premiered true hero, period action drama motion picture slated for release January 25, 2021 (Chinese New Year)

Earnings to cost ratio: 2.2:1

We the People


To assure the president retains his office for another term, a K Street power-broker encourages his team to find and secretly promote a third-party candidate in order to pull votes from his candidate’s opponent. They find the perfect pawn, an all-American, patriotic, charismatic high school civics teacher who is well loved by his students and blog followers. The powerbroker’s plan works perfectly until the teacher’s popularity goes viral…can they put out the fire they started?

Targeting America’s present division, this motion picture shows the difference one person can make in bridging the ever widening party-divide gap. It will be released right before the next election along with a tie-in mobile app. This app will inspire audiences to consider how technology can transform the way things have always been done, and will give the people a shot of courage to text themselves into seats right at the table of government.

This theatrically-premiered, contemporary political drama motion picture is slated for release August 11, 2020 at the peak of global audiences’ fervid interest in America’s 2020 Presidential election.

Earnings to cost ratio: 1.5:1

Click here to watch a ripomatic for our project, We the People. A ripomatic is a short trailer made by piecing together other movies in order to give someone an idea of what the potential project will look and feel like.

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