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….The HUNGER GAMES MEETS good will hunting..《饥饿游戏》遇上《心灵捕手》….

….Despite her genius for processing and interpreting numbers, teen math prodigy Jo Rivers fails to predict her own kidnapping from her American family, by a notorious international smuggler- and even her later being traded down to a brutal Chinese crime boss. Forcing Jo to use her gifts of calculation and reason to benefit their criminal empires is harder on Jo than it is living in her barbaric underground prison cell. With help from an old Chinese sage, a billionaire businessman with a problem he hopes Jo can overcome, she makes a deal – with a vow. IF she can bail-out the billionaire, she’ll do all in her formidable power to put an end to both her prior captors. But the very vow itself seems to open Hell’s gate, unleashing every obstacle beating upon her. The man’s trouble turns out to be the first domino of a global monetary crisis and just as she needs them most, Jo’s capacities begin to fade, placing her and the world at risk. History is not made – it’s calculated. ..尽管极高的处理数字能力,青年数学神童乔·瑞佛斯没有预测自己会被一个臭名昭着的国际走私商从美国家里绑架出来, 她更没预测到自己后来会被交易到一个残忍的中国犯罪集团手里。对乔来说,被迫使用她的数学天赋来帮助他人犯罪比住在条件极度恶劣的地下监狱还要痛苦。在一位中国老圣人的帮助下,一位身价过亿的商人希望乔可以帮助他解决一个难题,她提出了一个协议 - 发誓。如果她可以拯救这位亿万富翁,那么她将竭尽全力终结她以前的俘虏。但是誓言本身似乎打开了地狱之门,释放出每一个打击她的障碍。发现这位商人要解决的问题是引发全球货币危机的第一个多米诺骨牌。这时,乔的数学能力在她最需要的时开始减弱,把她和整个世界置于危险之中。历史不是创造的 - 它是计算的。….

….Ripped from today’s headlines, this heart-pounding young-adult thriller takes audiences from Seattle’s suburbs, to Shanghai’s docklands underbelly, to the high-rise penthouses of the wealthy Chinese elite. Surging with revenge and forgiveness, loss and identity, brainpower versus brutality, and the triumph of right over might, it will move global audiences, particularly in America and China. ..来自今天的头条新闻,这部激动人心的年轻成人惊悚片将观众从西雅图的郊区,带到上海的港湾腹地,再到富裕的中国精英的高层顶层公寓。从复仇和宽恕,失落和身份,脑力与残暴,权利胜利中涌起,这部电影将激起全球受众的兴趣,特别是在美国和中国的观众。….

….A theatrically-premiered contemporary young adult action/adventure, lensed in the US and China. Slated for release September 1, 2021 (U.S. Labor Day) ..一个关于当代年轻成人的动作/冒险的故事。一部以中美受众为目标,将在影院盛大首映的电影。该片定于2021年9月1日(美国劳动节)上映。….

….Earnings to cost ratio: 4.8:1..收益与成本比:4.8:1….

Confucius Public.png

….Confucius.. 《孔子》….


….When Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Constitution is found in Georgetown University’s archives, little notice is given to the ancient red ribbon with Chinese writing that is tied around it. This ribbon sends a man halfway across the world on a quest to find out more about the man who wrote the words and the true meaning behind them. This also opens the first globally released motion picture revealing Confucius, how he became one of the most revered and quoted historical icons and how Heaven’s light shined through this humble man, born in an obscure, oppressed village, to eventually inspire billions around the world. ..当人们在乔治城大学的档案中发现了托马斯·杰斐逊的宪法副本时,很少有人注意到那条带着中文的古老红丝带。这条丝带让一个男人走遍世界各地,寻找写下这些文字的人及其背后真正含义。这也第一部在全球范内围展示孔子的电影,讲述他是如何成为历史上最受尊敬和最常被引用的象征性人物之一,以及天堂的光芒如何照在这个谦逊的人身上,从出生在一个不起眼的,受压迫的村庄,到最终激励全世界数十亿人。….

….As China rises in world prominence, comes this first global motion picture of Confucius. This nation’s most globally famous personality is known by name and sayings-  yet little known about the man. This motion picture fully pulls the curtain back on his extraordinary life: born into a world where might is right and each person’s measure of freedom, opportunities, education and well-being is weighed by their physical strength, lands, family position and wealth. ..中国在世界上的崛起带来了第一部关于孔子的面向全球的电影。这是中国最具有国际知名度的人物,大家都听过他的名字和他说过的话 - 但却很少人知道他的生平。这部电影完全拉开了他非凡生活的帷幕:出生在一个强者为王的世界里,每个人对自由,机会,教育和福祉的衡量都由他们的体力,土地,家庭地位和财富所决定。….

….As all about Confucius bitterly accept their plight, Confucius begins his inquiry into truth itself. Doesn’t it have strength? What of love? Kindness? Doing for others before ourselves? What of virtue, honesty, ministering to those in desperate need? As these most powerful character attributes and truths become who Confucius is, he begins bringing them to warlords and the common people. These he gently teaches by example, uses them to defend his family, in his daily work, and finally, humbly writes and teaches them. ..痛苦地接受这些处境的同时,孔子开始对真理本身进行探索。它没有力量吗?爱是什么?善良是什么?是先人后己?或是美德,诚实,为有需要的人服务?当这些最强大的人物属性和真理造就了孔子时,他开始将他们传播给列国诸侯和普通老百姓。他以身作则,在日常工作中,使用这些知识来保护自己的家人,最后,谦卑地写下并教导他人。….

….As our Georgetown University professor considers Confucius’ small community of disciples before his death, it seems his life had little notice. But as he considers the recent resurgence of Confucius’ teachings in China, and as his gentle, wise sayings continue to spread across the world, he, and we, understand his life is one of great, positive consequence. Truth truly stands, while might, pride and avarice soon fade and are lost. ..我们乔治城大学教授在研究孔子去世前为数不多的弟子时发现,几乎没有人留意过孔子的生平。但当他研究到孔子文化和教育在中国重新兴起时,他的温和与名言智语继续传遍全世界时,他和我们才明白,孔子的生活是一个伟大而积极的成果。真理才能永存,而骄傲和贪婪很快就会消亡。….

….A theatrically premiered true hero story, period action-drama motion picture slated for release January 25, 2021 (Chinese New Year) ..一个关于真实英雄的故事,一部将在院线盛大首映的古装动作剧情片。将于2021年1月25日(中国新年)上映。….

….Earnings to cost ratio: 2.2:1..收益与成本比:2.2:1….

Cyrus Public.png



….For the first time, audiences are brought the thrilling, true story of perhaps the greatest leader of all time: Cyrus, who his people called “The Great.”. This epic motion picture reveals how from Cyrus’ youth and throughout his life, the increasingly fiery demands and his dauntless courage, opened his compassion for and respect of each person’s worth. Finally, it leads up to one of the most renown battles of all time: Cyrus’ siege of the unconquerable Babylon. ..史无前例,观众将欣赏到历史上或许是最伟大的领导者惊险,真实的故事:赛勒斯,被他的人民称之为“伟大的人”。这部史诗般的电影揭示了赛勒斯从青年乃至他的一生,面对日益激烈的冲突和他无畏的勇气,他开始关怀他人,尊重他人生命的价值。最后,引发了有史以来最著名的战役之一:赛勒斯对本无法征服的巴比伦的围攻。….

….The Persians called him, “Father”, the Babylonians, “Liberator,” the Greeks, “Law-Giver,” and the Jews, “The Anointed King.” This movie will move audiences around the world as it shows how even the greatest evils are overwhelmed by integrity, virtue, goodness, courage and compassion. ..波斯人称他为“父亲”,巴比伦人,“解放者”,希腊人,“法律之父”,以及犹太人,“受膏国王”。这部电影将感动世界各地的观众,因为它向我们展示了即使是最邪恶的力量也会被正直,美德,善良,勇气和同情所压倒。….

….Due to Cyrus' influence upon many of today’s great global leaders, teachers and historians, this motion picture should be eagerly anticipated for the good, action packed adventure it is. Iconic, wise, inspirational leaders throughout history, including Plato, Alexander the Great, Benjamin Franklin and Peter Drucker have reveled in warrior poet Xenophon’s recorded history that chronicles Cyrus as the paragon of leadership. ..由于赛勒斯对当今全球许多伟大的领导者,教师和历史学家的影响,这部充满动作场面的优质冒险电影将会引发人们的热切期待。历史上标志性的,明智的,鼓舞人心的领导者,包括柏拉图,亚历山大大帝,本杰明·富兰克林和彼得·德鲁克,都深深地陶醉在战士诗人色诺芬笔下记录的赛勒斯作为领导的典范。….

….So, now, will massive global audiences marvel and cheer at this epic motion picture’s portrayal of the man who learned to sacrifice for and uphold the rights of all people. ..因此,现在,全球大规模的观众会对这部史诗般的电影所描绘出来的那些牺牲自我去维护所他人的权利的人的感到惊叹和欢呼吗。….

….A 2-hour theatrical release motion picture and an eighteen 1-hour/episode streaming series slated for release February 15, 2023. ..影院上映电影2小时,同名网剧为18集,每集一小时,预计于2023年2月15日上映。….

….Earnings to cost ratio: 1.5:1..收益与成本比:1.5:1….

….The Adventures of Curdie..《柯蒂的冒险》 ….


….A young princess finds herself on a quest that threatens her life at every turn. With all her noble soldiers out of reach, how can she succeed in her impossible quest with only a young miner boy to help her? A story full of endearing characters, magic, goblins, and fantastic creatures--this non-stop adventure will keep audiences on the edge of their seats, bring them to tears, and inspire them to feats of courage. ..一位年轻的公主发现自己身处于任务中,极其凶险,可能会威胁到她的生命。但她的贴身侍卫都不在,能依靠的只有一个年轻的矿工男孩。她怎样才能够成功地完成这项不可能的任务?这是一个充满魔法、小精灵和奇妙生物的故事。整部电影令人不间断地心跳加速,坐立不安,让你流泪,也能激发你的勇气。….

….For the first time a as major production, comes part one of George McDonald’s story-rich, action-packed fantasy, The Adventures of Curdie: The Princess and the Goblin. Often credited as the father of all fantasy, and referred to by both J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as the inspiration for their stories, Curdie will once again inspire fantasy lovers around the world with the ageless power of belief when everything appears impossible. ..《柯蒂的冒险:公主和小精灵》选自乔治·麦当劳的充满故事以及动作的幻想题材作品,此次首次改编成电影。被称为所有幻想题材作品之父,J·R·R 托尔金 和 C.S. 路易斯 两位作家均受到这部作品的启发。当所有的事情都显得不可能时,全世界无数的奇幻题材小说爱好者将被柯蒂选择相信的力量所激励。….

….Film 1: Slated for release November 23, 2022 (Thanksgiving)..电影1:定于2022年11月23日(感恩节)发行….

….Earnings to cost ratio: 4:1..收益与成本的比例:4:1….



….From Heaven came the notes- from within Handel came the courage to battle King, country, and Church for what became the most beloved and most performed oratorio in history. Handel’s most celebrated composition did not come at the height of his popularity and prosperity. Rather the music was prepared in the crucible of his life’s greatest trials and privations. This motion picture’s characters’ journeys, trials and triumphs, plus its majestic music will bring audiences to their joyful feet. ..此曲只应天上有。亨德尔撰写的《弥赛亚》中,主人公勇敢地挑战国王、国家和教堂,成为历史上最受欢迎的清唱剧。亨德尔最着名的作品并不是在他巅峰期所创作的。相反,那曲子是在他生命中最受挫折的时期所写的。这部电影人物的旅程,考验和胜利,以及其雄伟的音乐将带给观众带来愉悦的心情。….

….Handel’s Messiah is performed thousands of times around the world every Christmas in dozens of languages, to millions of fans. We will begin marketing this project a year in advance, and invite performers and fans to participate in their areas to promote one of the greatest stories ever told. ..每年圣诞节,亨德尔撰写的《弥赛亚》都会在世界各以不同语言的形式表演数千次,并拥有数百万粉丝。我们将提前一年开始推广这部电影,并邀请这些表演者和粉丝一起推广这有史以来最伟大的故事之一。….

….The picture’s original composed score will be rich with Handel’s compositions, some performed and even arranged by fresh, genius artists (along the lines of The Piano Guys and Pentatonix) from Europe, Asia and around the world. This picture will inspire audiences to press on, especially in the face of insurmountable odds, hold fast to their dreams and look for inspiration beyond themselves – especially in their deepest despair. ..电影中,音乐的原谱将被加入亨德尔的编曲,部分将由新秀天才艺术家(像The Piano Guys 和 Pentatonix那样)来演奏甚至编曲,这些艺术家来自欧洲、亚洲和世界各地。这部电影将激发观众的注意力,特别是面对难以逾越的高峰,坚持自己的梦想,寻找超越自我的灵感 — 特别是在他们深深绝望的时候。….

….This true, untold, harrowing drama of some of the world’s most beloved music is scheduled for global theatrical release Christmas holidays 2020– an evergreen movie audiences will rediscover year after year. ..这部电影改编自世界上最受欢迎的音乐,真实、无尽,令人痛苦。本片计划于2020年圣诞节假期上映—我们相信会成为观众常看常新的电影。….

….Earnings to cost ratio: 2.7:1..收益与成本比:2.7:1….


….We the People..《人民即是正义》….


….To assure the president retains his office for another term, a K Street power-broker encourages his team to find and secretly promote a third-party candidate in order to pull votes from his candidate’s opponent. They find the perfect pawn, an all-American, patriotic, charismatic high school civics teacher who is well loved by his students and blog followers. The powerbroker’s plan works perfectly until the teacher’s popularity goes viral…can they put out the fire they started? ..为了确保现任总统在下次大选中连任,K街的资深经纪人派团队要找一个其他派别的候选人,并秘密宣传,以便减少竞争对手的选票。团队找到了一个完美的候选人,一个美国人,一个爱国而又魅力十足的高中公民教师,深受学生和博客粉丝的喜爱。资深经纪人的计划看似完美无缺,但后来老师却一下子爆红...他们又是否能够收拾残局?….

….Targeting America’s present division, this motion picture shows the difference one person can make in bridging the ever widening party-divide gap. It will be released right before the next election along with a tie-in mobile app. This app will inspire audiences to consider how technology can transform the way things have always been done, and will give the people a shot of courage to text themselves into seats right at the table of government. ..看准了美国目前社会分裂这个现象,电影展示了一个人面对不断扩大的政党鸿沟所能做的改变。本片将在下一次选举之前上映,并附带一个移动应用程序。这个应用程序将带动观众思考,技术如何改变生活习惯,并激励人们参与政治,参加竞选。….

….This theatrically-premiered, contemporary political drama motion picture is slated for release August 11, 2020 at the peak of global audiences’ fervid interest in America’s 2020 Presidential election. ..这部当代政治主题电影将于2020年8月11日首映,届时正值美国2020年总统选举的关键时刻,一定会引起全球观众的热切关注 。….

….Earnings to cost ratio: 1.5:1..收益与成本比:1.5:1….




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