….One Door Studios is managed by a business and creative team with combined credits of 18 motion pictures, more than 200 television episodes and specials, with total production costs of over $2.4 billion and with global earning exceeding $8 billion. ..One Door Studios 由一个商业和创意团队,总计制作18个电影,200多集电视剧和特别节目,总制作成本超过24亿美元,全球收入超过80亿美元。….

Managing Partners


John Lee

co-founder | Managing Director

….John has successfully led the vision, launch and/or expansion of five entertainment and media entities; and provided business, funding and distribution services for twenty-three studio released motion pictures, television network series and specials, with combined production costs of over $470 million and global rights earnings exceeding $4 billion. ..John成功打造、壮大和管理了五家娱乐和媒体公司; 为二十三个工作室发行的电影、网剧和特别节目提供商业、资金和发行服务,合并制作成本超过4.7亿美元,全球收入超过40亿美元。….

….John Executive-Produced his first motion picture in 1976 and spent his early media career as Business Affairs VP for two successive seasons at LA-based international sales entities. Actively participating in the creative and business aspects of motion picture and television productions, John led four new-media companies, including direct broadcast satellite Impression Delivery Corporation (acquired by CapCities) and i.TV, a top 100 iPhone application entity. ..1976年,John 以总制片人的身份,制作了他的第一部电影,并连续两年在洛杉矶的国际销售公司担任商务副总裁。John积极参与电影和电视制作的创意和商业业务,创办了四家新媒体公司,包括做直播节目的Impression Delivery 公司(后被 CapCities收购)和 一家做应用程序的i.TV 公司,该应用程序在的iPhone 应用市场中排名前100 。….

….John was a three year faculty member of BYU’s Film School, establishing their Business of Film curricula and authoring "The Producer's Business Handbook," now in its fourth edition. After serving three years as Dean of Asia’s largest entertainment and media college, John extended his  almost 40 year Alan Cassidy relationship, with their formation of Simple Little Stories LLC. ..John 曾任教于杨百翰大学电影学院,开设了该院的电影商业课程,并撰写了《制片人的商业手册》,该书在第四版中被翻译成多种语言。他曾担任亚洲最大的娱乐和媒体学院——孟买的Whistling Woods International的院长。后于2011年 ,John通过早期的项目开发和全球发行,创立了Simple Little Stories 公司。 此后不久,John和Alan 这对40年的老朋友又携手进入这个公司。 ….


Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 5.15.52 PM.png

Alan Cassidy

co-founder | screenwriter

….Alan is an award-winning producer* and writer of more than two hundred television series episodes and motion pictures, with combined production costs of over $2 billion and global earnings exceeding $4 billion. ..Alan是一位屡获殊荣的制片人,也撰写了200多部电视连续剧和电影的剧本,其联合制作成本超过20亿美元,全球收入超过40亿美元。….

….Alan has worked for major studios and broadcast/cable television networks and on numerous independent features. Some of his television producer and writer series include "The Incredible Hulk," "The A-Team," "Hunter," "Wiseguy," "The Commish," "Magnum, P.I.," "Riptide," "Hardcastle & McCormick," and for USA Cable, he directed "Silk Stalkings." He was a co-producer of the Oscar-winning documentary, "The Great American Cowboy."..Alan曾任职于大型工作室和有线电视台以及众多独立业务部门。他制作和编写的电影项目包括《无敌浩克》《天龙特攻队》《神探亨特》《特警4587》《铁面无私》《夏威夷神探》《激流》《哈德卡斯尔和麦考密克》,他也曾为美国有线电视公司执导了《豪门疑案》。他参与制片的《伟大的美国牛仔》曾获奥斯卡最佳纪录片。….

….Alan has been a long-standing member of the Writers Guild of America (West) and the Producers Guild of America, graduated from BYU and is a four-year veteran of the U.S. Navy. ..Alan 是美国作家协会(西部)和美国制片人协会的长期成员,毕业于杨百翰大学,并且曾在美国海军服役四年。….

….* “Wiseguy” – Primetime Emmy, Outstanding Drama
“The Great American Cowboy” – Academy Award, Best Feature-length documentary..*《特警4587》- 黄金时段艾美奖、最佳剧集

《伟大的美国牛仔》 - 奥斯卡金像奖,最佳长篇纪录片….


co-founder | Managing director

….Jason’s awareness of the power of great stories to inspire and even enable their viewers and readers drove him to study epic stories from as early as he could watch and read them. He devoured all within his reach, began writing his own award-winning missives and considering the most dynamic telling of the greatest literature into audience-overwhelming motion pictures and series. ..Jason 从小就喜欢看电影和阅读。他认为伟大故事的力量可以激励观众和读者,所以他一直在研究史诗故事,周围的书都被他读遍了。于是他开始撰写他自己的书,获奖无数。他的想法是,将最伟大的文学故事改编到观众耳熟能详的电影和连续剧中。….

….The more he read and pondered the answers to life's most important questions (who are we? where did we come from? why are we here? and where are we going after we leave this life?), the clearer it became that these questions and answers were the core themes of the most powerfully audience-engaging stories. During his almost twenty years academically teaching philosophy and history on multiple continents, Jason’s story abilities became finely honed and list of classic and contemporary literature he longed to produce grew into an impressive library. ..随着阅读量的增加,他在不断思考生命中最重要问题(我们是谁?我们来自哪里?为什么我们来到这里?我们死后会去哪里?),答案变得越来越清晰,就在这些耳熟能详的电影里。Jason 在近二十年在全球各地教授哲学和历史,讲故事的能力得到了很好的磨练,脑海里也出现越来越多点子,想要把当代经典文学作品拍成电影。….

….Jason established Lady of the Lake Studios to produce masterpiece entertainment. Jason and this studio are now producing motion pictures that will sweep viewers worldwide into an intoxicating emotional elixir of the most important matters of heart, mind, and soul that can be considered. These stories will fill audiences with hope and longing for all that is good, beautiful, noble and true; entertainment destined to become some of the most audience beloved and successful motion pictures ever made. ..Jason创立了 Lady of the Lake Studios 制作优秀的娱乐节目。目前工作室现在正在制作电影,这些电影是全世界的观众的情感灵药,可以治愈心灵、思想和灵魂。这些故事将使观众充满希望,渴望所有真善美; 终极目标是致力于制作有史以来最受观众喜爱的电影。….

Dave Brents

co-founder | development manager

….Dave’s love of great literature, audience-astonishing stories and motion pictures began about the time he began. These naturally blended and together fueled his writing, stage design, acting and producing disciplines throughout his youth. These continued into his successful career that wove together production, planning, scheduling and budgeting. ..Dave 一直对伟大的文学作品、引人入胜故事和电影十分热爱。这些热爱自然地融合在一起,为他青年时期的写作、舞台设计、表演和制作提供了动力。这些年来,他也一直在从事相关的工作,是个做计划、制作日程安排和预算工作方面的高手。….

….Learning by achieving, Dave found that the success and satisfaction of delivering on-time and on-budget were only wins if what was produced was as good or better than what was envisioned. Even then, what is produced is only as successful as is its branding campaign’s brilliance. This led him to a successful decade working in branding over one hundred campaigns. ..在工作中,Dave发现,只有制作的作品与预想的一样好或更好,那么按时和按预算交付的作品才算成功。即便如此,作品与其推广活动必须一样出彩才可以。带这样的信念,他成功地举办了100个的电影推广活动。….

….Successfully conquering these unique disciplines of project development, physical production and branding, prepared Dave to become one of One Door Studios’ Directors, participating in all aspects of every motion picture project’s selection, development, production and global distribution. ..有了项目开发,实体制作和品牌推广这些独特的成功经验,Dave成为One Door Studios的董事之一,可以更好地参与每个电影项目的选择、开发、制作和全球发行的工作。….