Motion pictures are at a historic high demand.

This is the best condition for producers. The battle for content is in full swing between conventional TV networks and the Internet’s viewer-directed streaming networks. The massive payoff is drawing in giant brands new to video subscription streaming, including AT&T, Comcast, Apple and Google.


Big pictures carrying PG-13’s and TV14’s widest audience ratings are most in demand.

These are our content specifications. Over 65% of currently streaming content is sufficiently caustic to earn an ‘R’ or ‘Mature’ rating.


China now delivers 25% of all global movie earnings, is second biggest and by next year may be first.

Our unique connections to top-level Chinese production and distribution companies couldn’t come at a more perfect time for combining U.S. and China production talent on both sides of the camera. .. ….


Two-thirds of each project’s income is earned from outside the U.S. and Canada.

We optimize each project’s global earnings by receiving from our international distributors, what that picture needs to receive its greatest audience reception in their territory—and we accordingly produce and deliver this version.